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Provide Your Own Quilt

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Already own a quilt that you'd like to turn into a coat? We do that!

Your Quilt will need to be at least:

60” x 70” or 65” x 65” for a Chore Coat

60” x 70” or 65” x 65” for a Adeline Jacket

50" x 50" for a Carey Coat

65" X 85" for a Duster Coat

65" X 85" for a Jamie Coat

We only offer PYOQ custom orders to customers in the USA + Canada.

Your Quilt(s) MUST be in good enough condition to be cut and sewn.

Since each Quilt is unique, please email and provide the dimensions and some photographs of your Quilt so we can ensure it's a good candidate for a custom quilt coat. We highly recommend you do this before purchasing a PYOQ Custom Quilt Coat.

NOTE: Adeline Biker Jackets Require a thin quilt, as the quilt will be layered in many areas. We will only accept orders for Adeline Biker Jackets for customers who e-mail us photographs of their Quilt.

Once you purchase the Provide-Your-Own-Quilt, we will be in touch with an address and directions for shipping. Shipping your quilt/material to us is the customer's responsibility, but the finished product will be ground shipped back for free.

SIZING: Chore, Jamie, and Duster Coats are Unisex sizing. Adeline Biker Jackets and Carey Coats follow our Women’s sizing. Please refer to our size guide to find your best fit: SIZE GUIDE.

SHIPPING: PYOQ Custom Quilt Coats are made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your item to be shipped. Shipping Policies

Any rush construction or shipping will be an added cost and MUST be discussed before you purchase a PYOQ Custom Quilt Coat! please email

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